The Heart of Dongdaemun-Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP)

It is highly possible to hear from a tourist or foreign dwellers that Dongdaemun Design Plaza is one of the fanciest and outstanding destinations in Seoul. DDP is always on the top of the list of places-to-go for all tourist and foreign newcomer in Seoul thanks to its fantastic architecture. I have personally visited DDP several times when I need to have a time full of fresh ideas, good design and attractive events since DDP provides an ecosystem for tourists, local visitors, design-related professionals, and art lovers. DDP is a multi-dimensional center offering values for various kind of visitors. Local and foreign visitors can access numerous exhibitions while design and fashion professionals and design-lovers can have productive meetings, exhibitions, and events related art, design, and fashion. DDP is a huge creative workspace of tens of professionals as well as it is a hot destination for tourists. DDP is one of the top places to visit in Korea according to several magazines, tourist websites and newspaper such as New York Times indicating DDP  in the list of ” Top 52 places to visit in Korea”

Dongdaemun Design Plaza(ddp) is one of the hotpoint of Seoul that every tourist of dweller in Seoul should have a visit to see the great design pieces.

The Symbol of  Dongdaemun, A  center of Global Contemporary  Design

Dongdaemun has a role and importance not only in Korean architecture industry but also in Asia and in the world. DDP was designed by one of the most famous architects in the world, Zaha Hadid as the world’s largest out-of-ordinary architecture. While Hadid was creating the project, she based her idea on ” the dynamism of Dongdaemun Area” which includes social, historical, economic and cultural aspects of Dongdaemun, one of the key district of Seoul history and urban development. Today, thanks to the perfect fit on its design and functions, DDP is the key symbol of the Dongdaemun area.

DDP- “Dream, Design, and Play”

DDP describe its identity and position itself as a multi-cultural complex where the visitors can dream, design and play. New trends are designated and new ideas created, the several sectors related to art, design, and fashion are shaped in DDP which hosts hundreds of events such as conferences, shows, forums, and exhibitions.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza(ddp) is one of the hotpoint of Seoul that every tourist of dweller in Seoul should have a visit to see the great design pieces.

DDP makes identity and contribution to industrial design, art, and fashion sectors and society through its profile as a key multi-dimensional venue comprised of 5 halls Art Hall, Museum, Design Lab, Design Market, and Dongdaemun History and Culture Park. They also have a creative co-working space called CREA Open. CREA Open is a working space open to every individual or group creators with numerous facilities and opportunities with a few amounts of a fee.

Unquestionable part of MICE Alliance

DDP is one of the major unique venues in the MICE Alliance comprised of tens of unique venues and companies. As a center attracting global-interest, Dongdaemun Design Plaza effectively contribute to the vision of MICE Alliance which aims to position Seoul as one of the top-3 convention city in the world. DDP is the recent past of Dongdaemun, the present of the design world and the future of the MICE Alliance. It will certainly be a loss that is not visiting this wonderful unique venue, the heart of tourism design, fashion in Seoul.

Batihan Dizdaroglu

Seoul MICE Reporter