Korea MICE EXPO 2019 was Held on 12-14th June in Songdo!

As a tradition and as a strong experience, Korea MICE EXPO was held one more time in June 2019 following the programs realized in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Several Tourism Organization gathered in the EXPO event to promote their cities, organizations, and companies in accordance with the purpose of enhancing collaboration and boosting the strength of their convention image. Hundreds of visitors and companies visited the EXPO to have more information and seek for the opportunities were offered by the cities through the tourism organizations. Prominently, loads of foreigners visited Songdo Conventia to see the event, have more information about the vision of the cities’ convention.

KME 2019 that hosted by Korea Tourism Organization and Incheon Tourism Organization had more than 300 local and international buyers, 300 exhibitors and 3000 visitors that benefited from diversified KME 2019 program that comprised of business meetings, knowledge hub, special sessions, and KME pitching sessions.

The EXPO also hosted quite beneficial and significant breakout sessions that aim to be the platform to discuss and the problems of K-convention and how the convention activities, the effort of the offices and tourism organizations on MICE industry can be elevated in more efficient and effective ways. It’s can be easily stated that these breakout sessions provided important outputs for the MICE industry of Korea. Different ideas were explained in the breakout sessions as well as useful strategies offered for the tourism organization and MICE offices in order to perform towards the future of K-convention.

The Convention bureaus and tourism offices of the regions and cities provided the satisfactory exhibition with high quality of design and promotion materials and clear, well-explained brochures and knowledgable representative that provides quite satisfied services for buyers and visitors and they reflect a well-shaped image of K-convention and their bureaus’ image. Seoul Tourism Organization and MICE Seoul were among the prominent and distinguished convention bureau and organizations.

The closing ceremony that was held in KME lounge on the last day was quite magnificent. Several tourism organizations were awarded in various categories. As one of the most prominent one,  Seoul Tourism Organization was among the awarded tourism bureaus.

Batihan Dizdaroglu | Seoul MICE Reporter 2019