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Haziran 5, 2019

The Heart of Dongdaemun-Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP)

It is highly possible to hear from a tourist or foreign dwellers that Dongdaemun Design Plaza is one of the fanciest and outstanding destinations in Seoul. […]
Mayıs 28, 2019

The Best Cultural Unique Venue of Seoul: National Gugak Center

Unique venues in Seoul are quite crucial part of the world’s convention city Seoul. Each of unique venues provides different experiences to the visitors, guests or […]
Nisan 20, 2019

2019 MICE Reporter Started with the Opening Ceremony in Baesan, Seongsu-dong

Seoul Tourism Organization(STO)  and Seoul MICE greeted its new interns and reporters on Launching Party held on Friday 12th April. The party realized in Baesan Daerim […]
Mart 22, 2019

“Kârdan Daha Fazlası”- OneCup Coffee

Birkaç yazı öncesinde iyi ve güzel olanı paylaşma anlayışından bahsetmiştim. Dünya insan eliyle giderek daha kötü bir yer alırken merhamet, vicdan  ve idealizm gibi erdemlerle atılan […]